Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bassinet! 1st furniture buy!!!


Here is Matthew's Bassinet!!! I found it online - got a GREAT deal, couldn't pass it up! Itsnt it pretty?!?!?! AND it was even cheaper than the onones at Walmart we found, even after our 10% discount, so WAHOOO for finding a deal! ...It got really good reviews, so I hope we are as excited when it gets here ;)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Matthew's STUFF!

Oh my - I was just doing some online searching for baby gear in Matthews colors and I hit the jackpot at Babies R Us!!! Check out this cute stuff!!!
Now to buy, peice by piece - SCORE!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Baby Bump - 23 weeks!

I was going to post that Matthew has been pretty calm this week but since I sat down to post this he just kicked me 5 times VERY hard! He must know mommy is thinking about him ;)

Everything is still going super great so far with baby #3 - getting bigger & bigger everyday - him and ME! He is about 12 inches long and somewhere between 1 and 1.5 pounds! My next Dr Appointment is Monday Jan 4th at 10am, nothing exciting though, just a check-up!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas at Grandma's!

These are Jess's pics - I took them off of Facebook - hence why Im IN some!!! I brought the video camera - I am going to try and figure out how to get a video on here!! ....Hopefully today since we got snowed in and I have free time!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas at Papaw's!

(Click to see Bigger!)

Christmas day we always go to dad's! It was a great day, as always! So relaxing and it even SNOWED for us - since it rained 3 days before that we were quite happy!!!

The last 2 pics were dad is Curts new hat - LOL, he's pretty - and the boys new TV for thier room - It's not on teh wall yet but Jeremy wanted to set it up for them! I'll take more pics once its hanging on the wall ;)

Christmas Day! (Part 1)

Want your boys to smile for the camera? they are HAPPY to when they know whats next is opening presents, HAHA!!! SO funny
We had the "fireplace" on while we opened gifts and I told the boys to act like they were hot in front of teh fire, bwhahahahaha....obviously its just a DVD on the TV, LOL!

JUst some snip-its of gift opening!!!! They did VERY well this year! If you need to see them bigger just click on the pic, it will open in a new screen full size ;) Just easier this way!!

Christmas Eve 2009! (part 4)

Christmas Eve. we got home from great grandma's and we always get to open one present! This year EVERYONE had one present - even mommy and daddy! ....New jammies for Christmas morning ;) ...Next we got Santa's 3 special cookies all ready and some milk and it was off to bed. (...Christmas is the ONLY night of the year no one gets up to "go to the bathroom" or "get a drink of water", haha! We cherish it, LOL)

Christmas Jammies!!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

~♥ Christmas Day ♥~

Christmas morning was a success!!! The boys were up before 7am, and before the sun this year! Everyone is VERY happy with all of the gifts Santa and mommy & daddy brought. Even Matthew was awake and kicking along with his big brothers - he must have know the excitement in the house!!
Right now the boys are playing with all of their gifts and totall occupied, I thought I would give a little update before we are off to Papaw's house for Christmas #3 - CAN'T WAIT!!! Have a great day everyone!! Pictures to come!! Papaw called and said its snowing there - WAHOOOO!!!
~Jeremy, Shellie Jeremiah, Luke and Matthew!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009! (part 3)

Christmas Eve 2009! (part 2)

Made cookies today! #1 for fun, but #2 because Santa needs fresh cookies for tonight!! We made 3 kinds, Santa will get one of each and a big glass of milk - YUM, we'll have a picture of that too like always - right after we get our Christmas Eve presents!!!

SNL Christmas Song!

Merry Christmas Eve!! (part 1)

GOOD MORNING!!! ...Jeremy is off to work (boooooo!!!!) so we got Christmas donuts for breakfast and are playing Wii, Uno and making cookies today while he is away! ...Obviously Luke's donut was a chocolate one, haha!!
Hope you are having a great Christmas Eve so far!!!!! I'll get Luke to take a pic of Matthew/my Tummy sometime today too just because ;)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Matthew's Room, Colors!

Black, White & Green!

His bedding is Black & White...(stripes & dots & some swirls) and then his walls will be green! The framing will be in those exact colors...I'll be sure to take pics when they arrive, but they take 4 weeks!

SO, SO, SO excited to do his room all sweet! Jeremy is going to Texas the end of January so Matthews room will be my fun prject while he's away!! HURRAY!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

22 Week Bump!

This is me This week on Sunday night when I turned 22 weeks! ...I want to give thanks to my amazing photographer LUKE BENSON ;) He's my own personal bump photog - does an amazing job *giggle*

I's feeling Matthew kick ALL the time now and Luke got to feel him for the first time last week during wednesday night church!! SO exciting - we are loving every moment!!!

2005-2006 Random pics!

2006 our trip to Six flags!
2005 - Easter!

FAll of 2006

THEY ARE SO LITTLE!!!! <----Jeremiah and Luke's OLD blog!!!

Christmas Parade...

Santa - who we waited 2 HOURS in the freezing cold to see!!!
Jess & Curt came too with me and Lukey! (Miah stayed home, he's not Santas FAN, he says)
My beautiful preggo friend Rosie and her little guys!

Me and Lukers!

It was really fun and super close to the studio - next year we are waiting in the warm studio until it gets started - we about froze, haha!


This is the t-shirt I ordered and wore to "tell" everyone I was pregnant, LOL! ...Since baby Matthew was a total surprise - we had some fun with it!!!! IT WAS GREAT!

More bumps!

20 weeks! (above)

21 weeks! (above)
Its growing!!!! ...By this point Matthew is around 10 inches long and 13-15 oz! YAY! Grow baby, grow

Matthew's 3rd Sonogram...

I LOVE THIS ONE! ...You can see his arms and hands and fingers - he's covers his face and all you see his is nose peaking out, hehehe!!
His sweet face...

His tummy and legs all strecthed out...

ITS A BOY!!!!!! *giggle* ...not shy, just like his big brothers!

Its Fall! are my baby bumps ;)

19 week Bump above...

18 week Bump Above!

And just the pretty leaves by the studio this October!!