Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sunday shopping

Sunday afternoon after lunch we did a little shopping and Jeremy needed to go to Farm & Fleet to check on some tires. When I hear Farm & Fleet I just think of baby clothes, haha! I swear, thier Carters stuff is regualr priced what Klhls puts it on sale for, and THEN they put THAT on sale, so its way cheaper! ....needless to say I found cuteness. I love these!

Easter 2010

Easter pics!!! We took the video camera, so Jeremy got the boys finding egg's on video, I only took a few snaps, watching and hearing them is way cuter!!

Here are the boys checking out thier Loot from papaw & mamaw

Luke counting his egg's and then seeing what was in them!

Look how thrilled Luke is to have *another* pic taken, LOL

Starting to find some egg's!!

Um I didnt realize until we GOT to church that Luke wore his smelly boots and not his new church shoes because "he couldnt find them, mommy" ....even if they were right by the front door, uh huh.

JUST waking up to find thier Easter goodies at home!

Lukers goodies

Miah Mans goodies

Thats alot of stuff ...I got a little carried away
Easter was so nice and relaxing, as always. I love stress free days ♥ year Matthew will be having his 1st Easter!!!! YAY!!!

38 Weeks!!

We forgot to take this before the boys fell asleep Sunday night, so Jeremy had to take it for me when Lukers was sleeping! At least i remembered, I guess!

We are very behind on posts because blogger was being stupid and not letting me sign in. SO now I need to try and get caught up!! Its alllllways something, I tell ya. It made me reset my password 2 times!!! HUGE PAIN!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Maternity Pics, round 2!

As promised, my friend Rosie took some outdoor maternity pics so I now have the best of both worlds, some studio and some outdoors!! HURRAY!!! I love these SO SO SO much. I'll be making a book of pictures so I can print them all. I could never post them all so here are just a few ♥

Jeremiah *watched* baby Jeremiah while Miss Rosie took pics of just me - he was so thrilled to do it, he's gonna be such a GREAT helper when Matthew comes!!!

This is one of my most favorite shots. so pretty...
Perfect baby tummy...

Sweet boys giving Matthew kisses ;)

MY FAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another of my tummy...

Me, by the pretty barn ♥

Me and my sweet Luke...can we say momma's boy? Yes, we can! I love it!!!

This one melts me...really, look at his sweet face, so content. I wish he could stay little

This is a huge favorite too!!!!! LOVE it!!!

SO, I'm one happy momma!!! So many beautiful memories. I cant possibly understand a person who doesn't want to capture as many memories as they can in this way. Its so special to me. I'll never get to be pregnant again, the boys will just keep on growing up and its going to FLY by so fast. These images froze time for me. SO incredibly special. My job, Rosie's job - SO very important. We are so very blessed.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lukes hair cut!

Monday, April 5, 2010

37 weeks!!!!!

Baby belly at 37 weeks!!!
I'm in love with this tummy!!!! I go to the Dr this morning, leave in about 30 minutes or so. If there is any news I'll repost, but I just doubt I'll have too much to report until next week! ...Luke was born at 38 weeks, so that really put's the time frame into perspective, huh?!?!?!!?

I'll have Easter pictures to post soon!! ...we brought the video camera, it was great!!! We got the boys Easter Egg hunting at dad's house, Im gonna LOVE looking back at that even in 6 months, let alone 6 years!!!! SO CUTE!!!

Off to my appointment - have a great day everyone!